The nursery is conveniently located in street 1 in Discovery Gardens.  We are equipped with big spacious classrooms, an MOH licensed clinic and a big indoor play area.

The safety of our children is our main priority, the nursery is equipped with closed circuit cameras in every corner to ensure child’s safety and security at all times. The nursery is always locked and the visitors and parents are allowed only in the reception area, the names and numbers are noted down in the visitor’s logbook.

We have a very experienced and caring staff and they all love working with kids. Risk and safety assessments are carried out on a daily basis.  The nursery is well equipped to handle any emergency situation.

We have transport facility for Discovery Gardens, Gardens and all nearby areas. The children in the bus are always accompanied by one female staff from the nursery.

Our classrooms have a friendly learning environment for the child to nurture and grow. They are full of learning resources which are child centered and encourages children to learn at their own pace.

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